Vision, Mission, and Values


Kraun Electric strives to be a five-star, first-class contractor – the preferred electrical partner for customers, employees, consultants, and suppliers.


Kraun Electric is an electrical solution provider dedicated to the highest level of customer experience. We will grow by taking on any electrical challenge. We will partner with like-minded, forward-thinking companies that can help us deliver on this.


We respect people by:

  • Honouring our commitments
  • Celebrating success
  • Demonstrating compassion

We collaborate by:

  • Growing quality partnerships
  • Valuing the opinions & contributions of others
  • Achieving goals & targets

We grow by:

  • Protecting and fostering our culture
  • Seizing the right opportunities
  • Building great teams

We lead by:

  • Inspiring with vision
  • Communicating clear expectations
  • Being honest, humble and fair