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An overhead electrical service stack

Who is Responsible for the Electricial Service Mast?

As a homeowner, you have a variety of responsibilities. One that you may not even be aware of is your Electrical Service Mast.

An electrical service mast is part of the structure that connects public power lines to your home. Many assume that the utility company owns the entire stack as it is attached to their power lines and electricity meter, but that is not the case. Check out this graphic to understand who is responsible for each part.

Like many parts of the home, severe weather can cause damage. If damage occurs to any part of the electrical overhead service stack, it is time to call a licensed electrical contractor (LEC). An LEC will obtain proper permits, complete the work correctly, and ensure the job passes an ESA (Electrical Safety Authority) inspection.

After passing an inspection, the contractor will receive a Certificate of Acceptance, which you can request a copy of for your personal records. This document can be presented to your insurance company if needed.

Responsibilities for electrical service mast

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