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You count on the power in your home for almost everything in your day-to-day life. When it’s working, you never give it a thought. So what happens when something goes wrong? Call Kraun Electric. We always answer the phone.

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At Kraun, our customers mean a lot to us, and we work hard to show them we care. You can count on great communication from our team from the first time we pick up the phone, to the work being completed, down to the follow-up call afterward. And let us know if anything didn’t live up to your expectations – we will make it right.

Repairs, Renovations, and New Homes

Whether you are building your dream home, your dream kitchen, or just have an outlet that’s not working right, Kraun has you covered. We complete electrical jobs of all sizes, so give us a call today to talk about your project.

Emergency Service

We want to ensure customer care and safety above all else. That’s why we also offer 24-hour emergency service. If you need immediate repairs, we’ll be there.

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Panel Upgrades

Get more power with a panel upgrade from Kraun.

Homeowners upgrade their home’s electrical panel for a variety of reasons. A new breaker panel can replace an older fuse panel, making your home safer and more convenient. Fuse panels are more susceptible to circuit overloads and electrical fires if improperly maintained.  

We demand a lot from our home’s electrical system, much more than we used to. Today’s new breaker panels are built to support the technology in your house. An upgraded panel means more room to power your home, making a pool, hot tub, or workshop addition possible. 

Upgrading your home’s electrical panel can have the following benefits:

  • New safety technology, such as arc-fault breakers and GFCI breakers, (now part of the electrical safety code for all new homes in Ontario).
  • Eliminate doubled-up circuits
  • Eliminate the need to replace fuses (this also eliminates the risk of installing a wrong-sized fuse)
  • Capacity to add additional circuits in the future
  • Increase the resale value of your home

Add a Whole Home Surge Suppressor to Protect Your Valuable Electronics

Power surges are a common occurrence and can damage any electronic equipment in your home. Protect all these items with a simple device installed right at the panel. A whole-home surge suppressor works as a filter, keeping power surges out.

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Interior & Exterior Lighting

Lighting adds safety, character, and ambience to your home. Typically, work areas require stronger, uniform lighting, while resting areas (such as living rooms and bedrooms) often look best with multiple, smaller lights.

Kraun Electric specializes in a variety of lighting systems, and can help you install the perfect fixtures for each area of your home.

When it comes to interior lighting, there are many options for improvement:

  • Use soft lighting to creating a relaxing atmosphere
  • Highlight specific areas of a room for a more dramatic feel
  • Add lighting beneath kitchen cabinets for better visibility while cooking
  • Create more options for the dining room’s mood with a dimmer switch

Exterior lighting also offers you more ways to enjoy your home:

  • Well-lit outdoor spaces increase safety and security
  • Energy efficient lighting easily brightens walkways
  • LED soffit lighting makes your home stand out

Whatever you want to achieve with your lighting fixtures, our electricians can accomplish it. Simply contact us, and we’ll work with you to find the right solution.

Wiring Upgrades

Aluminum Wiring

Most residential electrical systems have copper wiring. However, some systems still have aluminum wiring installed. While properly-installed and maintained aluminum wiring isn’t necessarily a cause for concern, there are clear differences between aluminum and copper wiring:

  • The biggest problem we find is that people install new, copper-only rated devices (plugs and switches) on aluminum wiring not rated for it. It also requires special anti-oxidizing compound and special wire connectors (marrettes).
  • Aluminum expands more than copper when heated. Routine heating and cooling of aluminum wires can cause them to creep out of place, slipping out of the terminal screws that hold them in place.
  • Aluminum oxidizes differently than copper. At some point, oxides will build up on the wires; however, copper oxides still conduct electricity. Oxidized aluminum does not perform nearly as well.
  • Generally speaking, aluminum is a softer metal, making it more prone to nicks and damage. Those nicks can lead to overheating in the electrical system.

If your home still has aluminum wiring, you have lots of options! While the absolute best option is to rewire the home with copper wiring, you can choose to have repairs or updates made instead. In certain circumstances, we can use a cost-efficient method commonly known as pig-tailing to correct the aluminum wiring. Regardless of your preferred method, we can help. Get in touch with us, and we’ll help you determine the best solution for your home.

Knob & Tube Wiring

From the 1880s to the 1930s, people relied on knob and tube wiring to bring electricity into their homes. Now, homes need greater electrical capacity, which isn’t possible with an outdated system.

Unfortunately, knob and tube wiring just doesn’t meet safety standards anymore. Installing knob and tube wiring didn’t include safety grounding, which creates a risk of electrical shock and fire. Most insurance companies won’t provide coverage for homes with knob and tube wiring, not without fully rewiring your home.

If your home has knob and tube wiring, it’s wise to consider updating your home’s electrical system. The benefits are undeniable, especially when it comes to safety:

  • Your home will have a larger electrical capacity.
  • You can dedicate electrical circuits for certain appliances, which will keep breakers from tripping.
  • We’ll install grounded/bonded receptacles, switches, and light fixtures.
  • Keep children safe with tamper-resistant receptacles.
  • Ground fault circuit interrupters in washrooms and outdoor spaces improve safety.
  • Arc fault circuit interrupters in bedroom receptacle circuits also improve safety.

Each home is unique, so we assess each job on an individual basis. If you’re ready to improve your home’s electrical safety, contact us! As a licensed electrical contractor, we can help you update your home with new and improved safety standards.

Smart Home


Smart Home technology – it’s not as complicated as you think! New technology and product improvements have made turning your home into a smart environment easier than ever.

What is a Smart Home?

Home automation (or smart home) refers to a system in which devices are connected to your home network. It gives homeowners the ability to control lighting, heating and air conditioning, security systems, door locks, window shades and more, from an app on their electronic device.

Why Should I Consider Smart Home Products?

Automating devices in your home increase convenience and can save time and electricity. For example, installing a simple occupancy sensor in your laundry room means you don’t have to fumble for the light switch while carrying a heavy load of laundry. Pair a motorized window shade and overhead lights with a home assistant, like Amazon’s Alexa, and simply say “Good Morning, Alexa” to have the shades raise and the lights come on. The possibilities are truly endless and completely customizable to your needs.

Free Home Automation Consultation

As always at Kraun Electric, quotes are free. Our licensed electricians are also smart home experts. Call us today for a free home automation consultation and find out what your home can do! 1-844-NO-POWER (667-6937)

Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

Niagara’s Only Tesla-Recommended Home Charging Installer

The Government of Canada has provided some great incentives for purchasing an electric vehicle. To see the most up to date information, visit the government’s zero-emission vehicles site.

If you’ve recently purchased an electric vehicle, you’ll want to get an Electric Vehicle Charging Station (EVCS) installed in your garage, outside your home, or at your office.

We install all makes of electrical vehicle charging stations for all types of vehicles, including Tesla, Chevrolet Bolt, Hyundai IONIQ, Kia Soul EV, Nissan Leaf and more. Not sure if your electrical panel can handle the newly added charging station? Let one of our Licensed Electricians assess your situation and find the best solution for you. Your requirements will depend on the charging system in the car. Installing the right charger for your car will ensure that you can charge quickly and efficiently. In most cases, you will not need a panel upgrade, but in some high capacity vehicles you may need a panel upgrade to put your vehicle’s charging capabilities to full use.

Benefits of driving an electric vehicle and having a home charging station:

  • Driving an EV means no exhaust contributing harmful pollution into the air – which means it’s better for the environment
  • Electric vehicles have less moving parts than conventional gas cars, meaning less maintenance and servicing costs.
  • No more watching gas prices with fear – EVs have lower fuel costs.
  • Never worry about finding a charging station. Just plug in when you arrive home!


“I needed the old knob and tube replaced in my home and I’m glad I gave Kraun Electric a call. Being in the construction business myself I knew what I was looking for and these guys exceeded my expectations. They were on time, their estimate was clear and accurate and the workmanship by Brandon was excellent. They were professional to deal with, cleaned up after themselves, and honestly, I couldn’t have expected more. I would highly recommend Kraun Electric for any of your electrical needs.”

Jeff Mckay