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A home for sale that needs an electrical safety inspection

When do I need a home electrical safety inspection?

Home inspections are an essential part of homeownership that protect you and your home. A general home inspector will examine many parts of the house, such as plumbing, electrical, ventilation, structure etc. This can give you negotiation leverage and peace of mind, but sometimes, that is not enough.

For electrical systems, home inspectors only examine any visible wiring and systems. A lot of your home's electrical infrastructure exists behind the walls, which is beyond the scope of a typical home inspection.

Licensed electricians are familiar with all aspects of The Ontario Electrical Safety Code, now in its 28th edition, which is why electrical safety inspections through a licensed professional are essential.

When should I get a home electrical safety inspection done?

There are various times when a home electrical inspection is necessary. Some of these times are:

  1. You recently purchased an older home, especially if built before the 1980s.
  2. You will be renting part/whole house out to a tenant.
  3. You'll rent the house as a short-term rental (like AirBnB).
  4. You are experiencing issues like flickering lights, tripping breakers, or burning smells.
  5. Your insurance requires one to renew your home insurance policy.

These are important times to consider an electrical inspection as they can discover any safety issues that could put you, your tenants, or/or your home at risk. It’s better to find out in advance and have a licensed electrical contractor resolve the issue than have serious issues when it’s too late.

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How is an electrical home inspection different than a general home inspection?

A general home inspector will complete a surface-level inspection of your electrical system. They will look at visible receptacles (like outlets and switches), fixtures, some appliances, and your breaker panel, to ensure that they are in working order and up to electrical code.

An electrical inspection goes much more in-depth. Our electricians will take a deeper look at your electrical system. We will inspect the following:

  • Type of wiring.
  • Aluminum wiring: is it terminated correctly?
  • Knob & tube wiring: has it been altered in any way?
  • Proper system grounding at panel.
  • Gas line is bonded to ground.
  • Breaker or fuse amperage rating and wire sizing.
  • GFCI protection installation around the home.
  • Circuit capacity and whether they are overloaded
  • Proper wire usage in certain conditions. Ex: wiring going underground is rated for such use.
  • Functional outlets, smoke detectors, and switches.

How much does an electrical safety inspection cost?

The cost for a home electrical inspection with Kraun is $349 +hst. The process typically takes a couple of hours and is completed by a residential service electrician. Following the inspection, we will provide you with a letter of inspection that you can submit to your insurance company, realtor, Airbnb, or other necessary entities. If your property needs a home electrical inspection, please reach out by emailing or by using the phone number or form below.

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