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Hot Tub Electrical Installation Tips to Know

So you’re thinking about getting a hot tub at home. Congrats! Before you know it, you’ll be able to relax and soak after a long day. But before you do, let’s ensure your home is ready to handle this significant addition to your existing power system.

Besides deciding on all the bells and whistles you desire in your new hot tub, there are other factors to consider. You don’t have to be too savvy with hot tub installation requirements here because a pool contractor or licensed electrical contractor will help you with this process. However, it helps to understand what to expect when installing a hot tub, which this blog covers.

Before you purchase, it is important to create a plan and budget with the cost of the hot tub and its installation in mind. In your research and planning, determining if you need a panel upgrade for your hot tub is an excellent place to start. Without this, you may be into a more extensive and costlier project than you expected. Once you know if you need a panel upgrade and decide on a hot tub, it’s time to start deciding where to put your new relaxation station!

Hot tub electrical codes and placement

Various safety regulations can influence the type, size, placement decisions, and overall installation cost of your hot tub.

Rule 68-064 of the Ontario Electrical Safety code is a regulation most likely to impact your decisions. The rule states that there are to be no electrical receptacles or appliances within 1.5 metres of a pool or hot tub.

Rule 68-068 states that only GFCI receptacles can be placed within a 1.5-3m radius. Beyond 3m is a safe distance to have electric infrastructure and appliances.

Electrical safety near a pool diagram

This means a hot tub cannot be placed near your home if any electrical equipment is within the acceptable safety zone. You have two options if it isn’t possible to have your hot tub in the desired place. You can choose a different location for your hot tub or move existing receptacles and electrical equipment to a safe distance.

Another factor in hot tub placement and installation cost is the distance between your hot tub and your electrical panel. The closer your hot tub is to the panel, the less wiring is needed and the lower the installation cost.

a GFCI receptable placed near a pool

Plug-in hot tub electrical codes in Ontario

Plug-in hot tubs, also known as plug-and-play hot tubs, are slightly different from hardwired ones as they are exempt from rules 68-064 and 68-068. This is because plug-in hot tubs do not require the installation of wires or any additions to your existing electrical distribution system.

As the name suggests, these tubs come with a plug-in cord. For placement and safety reasons, hot tubs should only be placed within the cord’s length (typically 10-15ft) to the closest GFCI receptacle. Do not use extension cords, as they are not designed to carry that amount of electrical load.

How does a hot tub electrical installation work?

The hot tub wiring installation process is straightforward. Before starting the job, a licensed electrical contractor will visit your home to establish a quote and decide on the work that needs to happen. Then, they file for permits from Electrical Safety Authority (ESA). With permits in hand, the electrician(s) will complete preliminary work, like a panel upgrade or a receptacle move.

Next, the electrical installation can begin with the hot tub already on site and in place. The electrician will wire the hot tub, run wiring into your home, add breakers to your panel, and connect it all. After establishing the connections, the ESA inspects the work and files certificates for the completed work.

A typical hot tub electrical installation cost ranges between $1,000-$3,000, depending on the abovementioned factors. Please remember that the price can quickly increase depending on any extra work needed before the hot tub installation.

If you think it’s time to add the luxury of a private hot tub to your home, then you should have the information you need from this blog post. If you are ready to start this process, then we are too! Please connect with us through the form below or by calling 1-844-667-693. Happy hot tubbing!

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