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dimly lit laundromat that needs  a light retrofit

How much lighting retrofit services can save you

Did you know that retrofitting light fixtures is a fantastic way to save your business money? Lighting is a crucial part of the workplace as it contributes to productivity, safety, and of course, costs. Fluorescent bulbs have been the commercial lighting standard for decades, but these days there is a much better option.

LED lighting has set a new standard for quality lighting in the workplace. Fortunately, the Ontario government is helping many companies make the switch with its Save on Energy retrofit incentive program. We are also here to help as a lead light retrofitting contractor in the Niagara region.

In this article, you will find many reasons why making the switch is worth it, and at the end, our easy-to-use lighting retrofit calculator. You can use it to estimate the cost of replacing your fixtures, and how much energy you could save per year.

What is the difference between fluorescent and LED lighting?

There is a significant difference between fluorescent and LED power consumption. Although these numbers can vary widely based on the bulb type, brand, and fixture size, these are some common factors to consider.

Some stats about fluorescent and LED fixtures

Alternatives to a lighting retrofit

A common alternative to replacing fluorescent fixtures is purchasing “plug-and-play" LED bulbs that function in a fluorescent fixture. In the short term, they are more affordable than a complete fixture retrofit; however, it is not that simple.

For one, the Ontario Government’s Save on Energy cashback program does not apply to just buying bulbs. If your fixtures are older, simply swapping the bulbs can significantly improve cost and light quality, but a full retrofitting may still be needed. In the long term though (e.g., 5+ years), greater savings are found in a full fixture replacement.

How does the light retrofitting process work?

We have retrofitted lights in many buildings, businesses, and organizations. These include schools, churches, office buildings, pharmacies, small shops, and factories. Here’s how the process usually works.

After receiving a call for a free retrofitting quote, we send an experienced licensed electrician to your business. The electrician finds the types and numbers of fixtures at your site and shares that information with a supplier. During this time, you can connect with the Save on Energy program to get your incentive process started.

You will receive a quote for the job, which includes the cost and labour involved and an estimate of your retrofit incentive. If you are happy with the quote, we will complete the work and remove all old fixtures and materials for proper recycling. To finish off, you receive your receipt for completed work and submit that to Save On Energy for your reimbursement.

A Kraun Electrician providing light retrofitting services

Lighting retrofit services quickly pay for themselves

Powering a single 2-tube light fixture during average workday hours costs about $29 annually, whereas an equivalent LED fixture might cost about $14. In a building with 75 fixtures, that’s about $1,116 saved annually! Remember, LED lighting also does not diminish over time and is replaced up to five times less frequently, which means more long-term savings.

Check out our lighting retrofit calculator below to get an idea of the cost of a retrofit job and the savings you could have.

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