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2023 Indoor Lighting Trends to Brighten Your Home

Lighting plays an essential role in your home. It helps you complete daily tasks, affects your mood, and can make it easier to fall asleep and wake up. Quality lighting can also allow you to flex creative interior design muscles and brighten your space. While winter drags on, here are several ways to enhance lighting and brighten your home in 2023.

Since Kraun is a licensed electrical contractor, we have a couple extra tips for selecting lighting for your home, and you probably won't find these on a design website.

First, only purchase items with an ESA approval marking when looking for any new light fixture or electrical appliance. If you're buying something online that doesn't explicitly show a safety approval marking, you can check the review comments and photos to get confirmation, like on this product page. Electrical products without these markings may not meet electrical safety standards in Canada, so it is best to avoid them altogether.

Second, if you are installing any lighting fixtures, we recommend you use a licensed electrical contractor. Every licensed electrical contractor in Ontario has an ESA number. You can find all licensed electrical contractors in Ontario here. If someone performs electrical work in your home without a license, you will be responsible for damages to your home and liable for any injuries incurred on your property to the person you hired.

Let's talk lighting!

Kitchen – Pendant lighting over your island

If you have an Island, adding pendants to it is a must. They are hanging fixtures that look best as a symmetrical arrangement of two or three lights, depending on the length of your counter. This provides a pleasing appearance and quality light for lunches, food prepping and casual drinks.

Honourable mention - Under cabinet lighting (found in the three right-side photos).

If you want long-lasting, high-quality options, Kraun supplies and installs them for you. There are plenty of affordable plug-and-play options available online as well. The motion-detecting light provides a perfect hands-free addition to your kitchen when you are prepping dinner, looking for spices, or grabbing a late-night snack.

Pendant lighting above kitchen islands

Dining room – Sputnik Light Fixtures

Statement-making chandeliers continue to be popular for lighting formal eating areas. Currently, Sputnik-style chandeliers are a favourite choice. They provide a minimal, artistic, and abstract look to your dining room. They come in various finishes like chrome, matte black, bronze, and white and can use an array of bulb styles and temperatures. Options also include parallel and asymmetrical styles to have your desired dream look.

Sputnick chandeliers over kitchen tables

Living room – Recessed lighting

Where people congregate most continues to be where lights like chandeliers, pendants, and lamps are wanted the least. 2023 will see increased demand for recessed lighting in living rooms. They do not take attention away from watching TV or visiting with friends and family because they fit into the ceiling. LEDs on a dimmer switch can provide the perfect colour and brightness to suit the ambiance in the room, whether helping the kids with a school project or unwinding after a long day.

Recessed lighting in living rooms 2023

Bedroom – Bedside fixtures

Save space on the night table and scrap the lamp. Bedroom wall sconces are a popular option these days. With an unlimited number of design options, you can find the perfect one to complement your space. This can help you declutter your bedside table, and add an exciting pop of personality to your room. Paired with a smart home light setup, you can create a better wind-down routine with red light, read at a comfortable brightness, and turn lights on or off from the comfort of your bed!

Bedside light sconces 2023

If any of these ideas appeal to you and you are looking for someone to install them, please give us a call or fill out the form below. Be sure to keep an eye out for our outdoor lighting trends blog post next month too. We look forward to brightening your space!

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