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EV charging a car

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Home Articles

Explore tips, tricks, and the latest trends in home electrical.

Find out what goes into a whole home rewiring, what kind of power you need to run a pool or hot tub, and learn how technology is helping make our homes smarter.


Electrician Services

How ESA-Approved Markings Keep You Safe

How to know the electrical products you purchase are safe, every time.

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A custom built home in port colbourne

electric vehicles

Building a home? Always Consider an EV Charger

There are many choices you must make when designing and planning a home. One popular choice is to install an electric vehicle charger, without the EV!

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An older couple happily standing on their front porch

Electrician Serviceslighting

3 Useful Aging in Place Products

If living in your home as you age is your goal, we're here to help! These three affordable home modifications will help you age in place for many years.

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Vehicle in front of home construction

Home Projects

How to Build a House: Step by Step

Houses are roughly built using the same process. Here's a step-by-step guide how.

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A home lit up in autumn

Electrician Services

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist: Canada Edition

Often forgotten, these tasks focus on your electrical systems to help keep you, your home, and your family safe.

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permanent LED soffit lighting Gemstone lights.

Gemstone Lights

Why Permanent LED Soffit Lighting Rocks!

While traditional lighting options have charm, there’s a new, exciting lighting option that makes a statement and saves homeowners tons of time!

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Aluminum wiring

Electrician Serviceswiring

An All-in Guide to Aluminum Wiring in Ontario

Aluminum wiring is acceptable in Ontario homes, but some extra care is needed when using it.

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A line of light bulbs

Electrician Services

10 Electrical Terms Homeowners Need to Know

By the end of this read, you should be able to talk about your electrical system confidently.

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Electrical service wires connected to homes


Electrical Service Upgrades vs Electrical Panel Upgrades

The electrical service and the electrical panel are two essential parts of the home power system, but they confuse many homeowners.

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