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Two-storey home with Gemstone LED lights installed on soffits.

Gemstone Lights

Permanent LED track lighting blends right into your home.

Gemstone has a low-profile track available in 150 colours to match your home's soffit. This hides the LED lights during the day, but allows you to bring your home to life at night!

Add a WOW factor to your home with Gemstone Lights!

These lights are not just for the holidays! Showcase your home year-round with Gemstone's permanent LED lighting solution. This smart track lighting gives you ultimate control. Create patterns, animations and colours using the cloud-based Gemstone Lights HUB app.

Some things you can do with Gemstone:

  • Support your favourite sports team by lighting up your home in their colours.
  • Choose lighting themes for all the holidays - there are so many colours to choose from
  • NEVER hang lights again!

Kraun Electric is an authorized dealer of Gemstone Lights. Our licensed electricians ensure the lighting is installed safely and is done professionally.

Contact us today to get your free quote and never hang lights again.

authorized dealer of gemstone lights

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