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Two-storey home with Gemstone LED lights installed on soffits.

Gemstone Lights

Add a little shine to your home with Gemstone Lights.

Gemstone Lights are installed in a low-profile, colour-matched track on your soffit. The HUB app allows you to control your lights with the touch of a button. These LED lights are completely customizable. Change each light individually, or apply one of Gemstone's many present patterns to make your home shine.

Showcase your home with unique lighting all-year round.

These lights are not just for the holidays! Gemstone's permanent LED lighting solution makes it easy to highlight your home all year. With present patterns for all the holidays, you are ready to celebrate, no matter the occasion:

The Gemstone Lights HUB app comes pre-loaded with patterns for all the major holidays, including:

  • Christmas
  • Valentine's Day
  • St. Patrick's Day
  • Easter
  • Canada Day/Independence Day
  • Halloween, ane more!

But these lights are not limited to the holidays. Here are some other ways you can use your Gemstone Lights:

  • Support your favourite sports team by lighting up your home in their colours.
  • Celebrate your birthday with a custom pattern in your favourite colours.
  • Tastefully light your home with one of Gemstone's preset options, or build one that's just right for your home.
Harry's Gemstone Lights Canada

Want to find out more? Check out our new blog post, where you can also find a free-to-use Gemstone Lights budget calculator.

Harry's Gemstone Lights Easter
Harry's Gemstone Lights Halloween
Harry's Gemstone Lights White
Harry's Gemstone Lights Blue

Why Hire Kraun Electric?

Kraun Electric is an authorized dealer of Gemstone Lights, and a licensed electrical contractor with the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA). Our licensed electricians ensure the lighting is installed safely and is done professionally. We take out any required permits, and we are fully insured.

We also work hard to ensure you have the best experience with our team. From the time you first contact us, right through the completion of the work, and even afterwards, we keep communication open, answer all your questions, and ensure you are completely satisfied. We value your business, and our focus is on building connections that last.

authorized dealer of gemstone lights

Some of our Happy Customers!

"Great company to deal with. Communication was excellent and they did everything they said they would. Adam and Team are very reliable and I would recommend to anyone interested in the product."

Jason S.

"Beautiful job. Excellent people sent by Kraun. Very much impressed."

Terry D.

"Kraun Electric was a dream to work with. From start to finish, they were professional, efficient and completed the job on time. I would highly recommend working with the lighting team at Kraun Electric."

John O.

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