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3 Useful Aging in Place Products

You might wish to be one of the 78% of Canadians who hope to age in place, a.k.a. stay in their homes as they age. But only about 26% of older Canadians believe they'll be able to do so. Fortunately, there are practical things you can do to extend your ability to age in place!

How Many Seniors are Aging in Place

The current cost of living in an Ontario retirement home averages $3,354 per month, a challenge for many older Canadians on fixed budgets. Many have chosen the more affordable route of modifying their homes instead.

So, if you find yourself in the home modification camp, we're here to help. We've put together a short list of three affordable home modifications that will help you age in place safely and comfortably, hopefully for many years to come.

Lighting for Aging in Place

As you aim to stay mobile in your home, we cannot overstate the importance of high-quality lighting. Many seniors find their eyesight failing, and having good lighting reduces trips, falls, and injuries. This is particularly important in bathrooms, hallways, and stairwells and other spaces where lighting may be limited.

We recommend installing bright, efficient LED fixtures that provide consistent, shadow-free light. LED lighting offers superior brightness, is energy-efficient, and lasts longer than typical lighting options. Better light and less cost? Perfect for aging in place.

In bathrooms, where slips and falls are more common due to wet surfaces, waterproof LED recessed fixtures create light without glare, reducing the risk of accidents. In hallways and staircases, wall sconces or overhead lighting can illuminate paths, making it easier to get around your home.

Upgrading fixtures to include dimmable and colour-adjustable options can also make the lighting more comfortable and personal to you. In the evening, you can adapt your lighting between bright lighting that helps you navigate your space and warmer lower light that helps you transition to sleep.

A wall sconce illuminating a room

Upgraded Switches for Aging in Place 

Upgrading your light switches makes using your lights effortless. The top switch choice is an occupancy sensor (motion-sensing). These switches turn on automatically in response to movement, eliminating the need to fumble for light switches.

You can get quite clever with motion sensor lights, too! For example, a well-placed motion sensor light is a simple fix if you struggle to find what you need in a dark closet or pantry. 

Beyond their safety benefits, they are also energy-efficient since they activate only when needed and remain on for predetermined times—no more forgetting to turn the lights off!

In addition to better sight, automatic lighting can also help those with joint issues - no need to fumble around with small light switches.

An occupancy sensor

Smart Thermostats for Aging in Place

Are you ever sitting on the couch feeling just a little too cold or warm? There's a fix for that too! Our third recommendation is a smart thermostat. You can easily program your smart thermostat with your smartphone or iPad to be the perfect temperature all day. Say goodbye to fiddling around with tiny buttons and switches.

By setting routines and schedules for your thermostat, you will maintain a comfortable climate and save money on energy with little effort. A government rebate is available that will help you offset the cost of a smart thermostat.

A smart thermostat

Ready to Age in Place?

Many older Canadians who wish to age in place are turning to home modifications for extended safety, comfort, and independence. You will have a safe, efficient, and comfortable home by upgrading to better lighting, useful switches, and a smart thermostat.

These products do require the services of a licensed electrical contractor, and we'd be happy to help you with that. Service is our top priority – with Kraun, you can expect top-quality installation and transparent billing. We're here to help you maintain your independence. Please connect with us for any electrical services you may need by calling 1-844-667-6937, emailing or filling out the form below.

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