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Do I Need a Home Generator?

There are few things worse than a long-lasting power outage, especially during bad weather.

Besides bored kids without wi-fi and food thawing in the freezer, you can face larger woes like a sump pump backup or a flooded basement. Yikes!

Investing in a generator is the best way to maintain comfort and prevent damage to your home during power failures. At Kraun, we are experts in whole home generator installation, so here’s what you need to know if you’re considering a generator for your home.

What are Generators & How do they Work?

At its most basic, a generator is an engine that converts fuel (like natural gas or propane) into electrical power.

In the event of a power outage, a transfer switch, which is a panel that gets installed on your home, signals the generator of power failure. Then, the generator starts drawing fuel and creating electricity to power your home. When power is restored, the transfer switch signals the generator to shut down.

A diagram of a generator wired to a house

Types of Generators

Manual Generators

These generators are often gas-powered and must be manually started. This is a major drawback of this type of generator. Additionally, if you are away when the power fails, the generator cannot help you. During a prolonged power outage, you must also replenish fuel to keep it running.

A manual gas-powered generator

For the portable generator installation process, clients supply the unit. Our skilled electricians then situate the unit, install the transfer switch, and connect all wiring. We can connect up to 6 circuits in your home so the essential appliances, like your furnace, fridge, and sump pump, can function. Don’t worry, we can also connect some outlets so you can keep using your wi-fi too!

This type is a good option for cottage owners, small homeowners with unfinished basements, electric vehicle (EV) owners, staycationers, and people who spend a lot of time at home.

Despite its disadvantages, the relatively low cost of this generator makes it appealing. The time to acquire a manual generator is typically about two weeks. Plan to budget between $3k - $4k for installation.

Automatic Standby Generator

Automatic standby generators tap into your home’s fuel supply, so they function during power outages. The automatic restoration process to power your entire home only takes about two minutes! We provide and install automatic standby generator models from Generac, Kohler, and Briggs & Stratton.

An automatic standby generator

This is the ideal option for large homes, regular travellers, homes with finished basements, medical equipment users (ex: dialysis), and EV owners. This type is also ideal for rural residents, where utilities can take longer to restore.

Kraun often has some standby generators on hand, but the lead time for more can take weeks to months. A standby generator installation costs between $10k - $25k. The price ranges widely based on the home's size, the unit's size, placement, and other factors. All units have a manufacturer's warranty and are backed by 1-year parts and labour warranty by Kraun.

Things to consider when installing a generator

Placement - Generators are loud. Finding a location that doesn’t disrupt you or your neighbours is important. Also, the closer the electric and gas hookups, the lower the cost.

Maintenance and upkeep costs - Since generators are engines, they have air filters, oil, spark plugs, and other crucial parts, which need maintenance to function well. Fortunately, with Kraun’s generator maintenance packages, there’s no need to worry. We offer three reasonably priced maintenance packages to keep everything running smoothly.

Bottom line: Do you need a home generator? 

A generator is a significant investment in your home, but it is well worth it. Consider the costs of recovering from a flood in your home (replacing flooring, drywall, furniture, appliances, and mold prevention). Moreover, there is immense value in protecting your home, safety, and comfort in inclement weather. Lastly, to sweeten the deal, an automatic generator can add 3-5% more value to your home, and some insurance companies have given 4-10% discounts on homeowner policies! 

If you're interested in a backup generator, we provide FREE consultations and quotes for installation. Please connect with us using the form below. We can’t wait to get started!

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