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Electrical Tips for Renovating a Home

When planning a home renovation, it's essential to consider the electrical aspects of the project carefully. Properly done electrical work is critical in ensuring safety, functionality, and regulation compliance. This blog post will provide you with key considerations when undertaking home renovations. Let's explore what you need to know, from obtaining permits to hiring subcontractors.

Home renovation construction and electrical permits

Before starting any renovation project, you will require various permits. Electrical work requires permits from Ontario's Electrical Safety Authority (ESA). Remember, even if you're doing the work yourself, electrical permits are essential when adding or altering wiring. There are also various building codes to adhere to, including plumbing, framing, HVAC, and electrical regulations.

Planning tips for renovating your house

Design planning your home renovation

There are many ways to renovate your home. An onsite consultation is a wise way to refine the job's scope and plan. Depending on your plans and goals for the renovation, the project details can vary widely.

  • Do you plan on getting an EV?
  • Will you be selling your home after the reno?
  • Are you adding more electrical elements around your home, like smart home features or a hot tub?
  • Does your home have older types of wiring?

Just these few questions can widely impact the plan for your project. A consultation from a licensed electrical contractor will help you know if you need a service upgrade, panel upgrade, rewiring, or other electrical fix.

Professional input will also help you discover the optimal placement of switches, fixtures, and other products to achieve practical and aesthetically pleasing results. Experienced professionals can guide you in achieving proper light coverage and practicality based on their extensive knowledge and experience.

a family is planning their home reno

Home renovation budget planning tips

Setting your budget and design preferences from the outset is also best practice. To firm your budget, decide on the level of quality and aesthetics you desire and where you will source the materials. Choosing high-end fixtures from a boutique lighting store costs much more than finding something from a ReStore.

There are always ways to find good, better, and best options for each part of your renovation. Making those choices early and sticking to the plan will help you keep closer to your budget. If you make changes throughout the renovation, be prepared for increased costs beyond the original quote.

Logistic planning tips for your home renovation

Once you understand the design plan of your project, you need to plan how to get the work done. You can manage the project yourself. This can be an excellent way to save money, but keep in mind that you will be responsible for any mistakes, which could be costly.

If you manage your project, get quotes from multiple subcontractors (electricians, plumbers, framers, etc.) to find the best option. Be sure to compare the quotes carefully to ensure everything you requested has been included. Please remember: the lowest price is only sometimes the best choice. Ask lots of questions and look for sub-contractors with a proven track record of quality work and communicate clearly with you.

If you are inexperienced in construction, hiring a general contractor will reduce your work and stress you during the reno. They will help you coordinate the timing of tasks such as framing, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, insulation, drywall, trim, painting, flooring, and cabinet installations. Establishing a well-planned schedule ensures that each trade completes its work appropriately, preventing delays and minimizing disruptions. Receiving quotes from multiple GCs is also recommended.

A ladder in a home renovation

Electrical considerations play a vital role in the success of your home renovation project. Obtain the necessary permits, follow electrical codes, and consult with professionals for a safe and compliant electrical system. Whether you hire a general contractor or manage the project yourself, careful planning, clear communication, and informed decision-making are critical to a successful renovation. If you are looking for a consultation or quote from an electrician for an upcoming home renovation, we'd be happy to help. Please connect with us by calling 1-844-667-6937, emailing, or filling out the form below.

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