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Kraun Electricians on a St Catharines project site

How Kraun Does Projects

Finding and hiring the right licensed electrical contractor for your project is challenging. If you make the wrong decision, the consequences can be significant. Choosing a contractor without the skill or capacity to do the job can result in increased costs, a poor finished product, and frustration.

What to Look for in a Commercial Electrical Contractor

Looking for more than technical skills in an electrician for your construction project is a good idea. Good communication, a team focus, and shared values are also crucial to smooth the whole process. This creates a better experience for everyone involved, from the General Contractor to the owner and the end user.

As a leading licensed electrical contractor serving the Southern Ontario region, Kraun Electric has built a reputation for being a trustworthy, capable, and loyal part of any construction team. We provide end-to-end electrical solutions delivered through a process designed to provide our customers with the best experience possible.

So, what is our process? Read on to find out what you can expect when you hire Kraun.


The first thing we do when we get a request for a proposal (RFP) is ask many questions. We want to ensure we fully understand your construction project's scope of work. If your project is a design-build, we can create a preliminary design with our in-house project planning and design team. Once we ask clarifying questions, suggest cost-saving ideas, and agree on the scope, we'll submit a proposal for your review.

Assembling the Project Management Team

Once our proposal has been accepted, the estimating team gathers all the information about the job and passes it on to the project team. Your project team will typically consist of a Project Manager, Planner, Project Coordinator, and Site Supervisor.

We have completed electrical installations in many industries, including multi-residential, manufacturing, healthcare, education, government, and retail/office. Whatever the type of project you're doing, we have a team that is perfect for it. This team is designated to the project for the duration, and together they'll manage the plan, the budget, and the materials. Of course, they'll also oversee a crew of licensed electricians who will complete the job.

Scoping out a construction site

Planning Ahead

This department uses CAD or 3D BIM (building information modelling) to plan the job before we set foot on site. Planning has several advantages, including identifying potential issues before they become a problem and generating cost-saving solutions that we can pass on to the customer.


Once the job starts, professional, on-schedule project completion is our focus. We keep a leading pace on the work site, and our customers trust us because we can stay ahead of even the tightest schedule. We maintain clear and concise communication with the general contractor, construction manager, or owner, and with the other trades on the job site.

The Project Manager or Site Supervisor will work to remedy any issues quickly and with minimal disruption. Our office team offers administrative support for the entirety of the construction project.

Delivery & Follow-Up

We are an end-to-end licensed electrical contractor, which sets Kraun apart from the competition. We provide expert electrical installation commissioning according to the agreed-upon project specifications. After finishing the job, we offer post-completion support, including correcting defects or dealing with warranty issues. We'll then introduce the end user to Kraun's service team for future assistance. Since we installed the electrical on the project, we are an ideal solution for maintenance or repairs.


And we always like to learn as much as possible from our projects. A close-out meeting allows us to identify gaps in our process and make improvements for the future. Any way we can make things smoother for our customers is a win.

Which Commercial Electrical Contractor is Right for You?

It is easy for anyone to claim to be a quality service provider. But only some have built their business around the core value of service. For Kraun, providing a great customer experience influences whom we hire, how we work, and what we do daily. To show it's more than just talk, please check some of our testimonials below. Please also feel free to connect with us to discuss your next project by calling 1-844-667-6937, emailing, or filling out the form at the bottom of the page. 

We look forward to getting started!

Kraun Electric has been servicing Niagara Investment Castings since 2013. The level of professionalism, knowledge, and response to service has been outstanding! The Kraun team has always been able to keep our facility running in this very fast-paced and demanding world of manufacturing. We are very happy with their service and highly recommend them to anyone with electrical needs.

Tony Baldo

Plant Engineer, Niagara Investment Castings

Kraun Electric was contracted for a design/build of the base building electrical system for IKO's new shingle manufacturing facility. [...] This was a large multi-million dollar project with many complexities. They have successfully completed the design and construction in a very professional manner. [We] are pleased with their workmanship and their dedication to keeping to the schedule.

Andre Ootjers

Corporate Electrical Engineering Manager, IKO Industries

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