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an IR scan of a hot breaker

What is a Thermal Imaging Scan?

A Thermal Imaging, or IR Scan, Can Detect Hot Spots in Your Electrical System

How Often Do I Need to Schedule an IR Scan?

Depending on how heavily used your equipment is, an infrared scan should be performed anywhere from once a year to once every three years. Our licensed electricians and thermographers can make a recommendation based on the size and needs of your business.

thermal imaging scan

What are the benefits of a regularly scheduled IR scan?

All machinery experiences normal wear and tear over time. However, many factors can speed up that deterioration process, including extreme conditions, overloading of circuits and equipment, and using the equipment for often and for a longer period of time than it was intended.

A regularly scheduled IR scan will:

  • potentially save thousands of dollars to repair major and unexpected system failures.
  • help prevent electrical system failures, reducing losses from unplanned downtime.
  • identify any potentially dangerous conditions, including loose or dirty connections, overloaded or imbalanced circuits, or improperly installed equipment.
  • help plan the scope of work for a scheduled outage to complete any repairs or necessary replacements.
  • lengthen the life of your equipment, reducing capital expenditures.
thermal camera

What Goes Into a Good Preventative Maintenance Program?

Programs that include regular service of equipment, identification of replacement intervals, and scheduling outages have a high return on investment that allows businesses to re-invest that saved money into the growth of the organization.

It is our goal to partner with you to ensure that your business experiences minimal downtime. We can build a custom plan that suits your business's unique needs. A typical plan can include:

  • infrared scan to detect heat that can be caused by overloads, loose connections, or damaged equipment.
  • visual inspection of electrical systems and equipment.
  • cleaning of distribution equipment.
  • exercising of disconnects.

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An IR scan reveals heat emissions from electrical equipment. It is a non-invasive way to determine parts of an electrical system that are overloaded and may break down.