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IKO Industries

IKO Shingle Manufacturing Facility

IKO Industries, Ltd.

IKO Industries, Ltd. is a global leader in the manufacture and supply of residential shingles. Kraun started work on IKO's new state-of-the-art flagship manufacturing facility and head office in October 2017. Kraun designed and produced the formal electrical drawings for this project, then completed the installation.

The buildings required were a 16,937 square foot office space, an 86,165 square foot two-level manufacturing building, a 63,406 square foot warehouse, and a 19,826 square foot warehouse. The process included visiting an existing IKO facility in Chicago and reviewing plans for a new facility in Texas. Coordination with the other trades and leading the development of 3-D BIM drawings, as well as the ability to complete the work while other buildings remained occupied, contributed to the success of this project.