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Outdoor lighting on an old cottage

Landscape Lighting in Old Glenridge

Kraun completed this landscape lighting at an older home in Old Glenridge in St. Catharines. We loved how this project turned out. Scroll down to see all the photos.

"Kraun was invested in achieving the exact outcome I was hoping for, and they surpassed all my expectations."

This project in Old Glenridge required Kraun to use creative solutions to achieve the customer's desired look. We were able to complete the job to the customer's satisfaction, and the results are amazing. Our customer was kind enough to write us this glowing review:

"I live in an old stone cottage in Glenridge, one of the older communities in St. Catharines. The house was built in 1926 and needed to be brought back to its original state of grandeur after time and lack of attention had taken their toll.

I have worked with electricians in the past, but this project required a unique level of sophistication, sensitivity, and attention to detail. It also required a thoughtful, client-focused approach, as many of the things I love about the house are unusual, and needed showcasing. I contacted Kraun and met with Brandon Boucher to scope out the project.

Brandon listened. Intently. I had no idea just how carefully he was listening until the project was nearing conclusion, and I saw that he had illuminated things that I love, that no ordinary person/company would think to do. Old lanterns, even my beloved dead tree trunk “Jezebel” were brought to life, and Glenstone Cottage sang, once again. What had been a sleepy, slightly sad visage became a living, breathing life that glowed with pride. Kraun illuminated my pond in a way I would not have considered; each lovely step of the cascading waterfall was now detailed, and all of the thoughtful beams of light invited the visitor to enter, and experience the property. Like the house, the lighting did not scream for attention; it just shone.

Along with the sheer artistry of Kraun’s work, I appreciated their desire to ensure that every last detail was attended to. Several follow-up visits, including “night” and “early morning” visits were scheduled to view the house from every vantage point, in every light. Brandon was not content to leave the project until it was perfect, and I so respected his level of professionalism. Very often contractors leave a project and never come back, even when there are problems. Kraun was clearly invested in achieving the exact outcome I was hoping for, and they surpassed all my expectations. I trust the people, and the company, and am very grateful to them for returning Glenstone to its original, and appropriate state of beauty. Kraun has simply given me my home back, and I can’t recommend them highly enough for that gift."