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A woman uses her smart home monitor

SmartSupport Ticket

Fill out the form below to submit your request for a programming change or to report a warranty issue.

For your convenience, we've provided some examples of possible programming changes.


  • adjust the timing of your lighting depending on the time of year/daylight hours
  • adding or changing the settings on your indoor or outdoor lighting
  • adding or changing set "scenes"
  • adding a "vacation" or "away" program


  • adjust your home's temperature to your preference
  • add settings for when you are away or asleep
  • add or remove a setting specific to an event (e.g. birthday party)


  • arm or disarm doors and windows with different settings for when you're at home or when you're away
  • adjust camera angle
  • change notification settings

Fill out all fields below.

Are you requesting a program change or reporting a warranty issue?

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