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An commercial electrical distribution panel

Save with an Electrical Preventative Maintenance Program

Preventative maintenance is one of a company's best measures to reduce the risk of danger, downtime, and lost income because of faulty electrical systems.

An electrical preventative maintenance program comprises of several steps, like IR scans and visual inspections, but this blog will focus on electrical distribution system maintenance.

Two parts of electrical distribution system maintenance

These two parts are cleaning and exercising the equipment. Cleaning electrical distribution equipment is as straightforward as it sounds. One of our licensed electricians will inspect the electrical equipment around your facility to ensure that everything is in proper working order. They will also go through with a vacuum and clear dust and debris from the equipment to keep it in working order.

Exercising equipment is a peculiar-sounding practice, but it is also just as it sounds. Our electricians will flip switches, breakers, and other equipment on and off to check for any loss in functionality or wear and tear. As your electrical distribution ages, regular exercise improves its longevity.

A cautionary tale...

A company hired us to complete some work on their electrical distribution systems at their manufacturing facility. This was the first time anyone had inspected their electrical equipment in approximately 15 years. While inspecting equipment, our electrician flipped a switch off. When trying to flip it back on, its switchgear seized.

The replacement cost for a switchgear in this type of facility? $80,000! 

The reality is that the company could have prevented the unexpected cost of this breakdown with regular electrical preventative maintenance. By planning for and addressing issues proactively, you can extend the life of electrical systems and reduce the chance of unanticipated breakdowns in the future.

How often should your company have electrical maintenance services?

We typically suggest every six months to one year, depending on the type of facility. This may sound like a little much, but things can change quickly.

Rodents and weather are good examples of rapid changes. As the weather cools off, rodents come inside to get warm. Electrical equipment is naturally warmer, so it can be a target. If rodents make it inside equipment, it takes just one acrobatic explorer to contact two phases at once and create a system-frying short. Moreover, chewing on wiring can lead to many other issues.

In industrial settings where lots of dust and debris are created, it is equally essential to ensure that your equipment is cleaned regularly.

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With regular preventative maintenance, there are fewer chances of being stuck waiting for parts as there continue to be major supply chain disruptions. In industrial settings, like factories that run all hours of the day, the time spent waiting for parts is costly. With preventative maintenance, a potential issue identified during an inspection allows sufficient time to order and replace the part before it breaks down. Broad gaps between maintenance appointments can miss this opportunity.

If you believe it’s time to start or ramp up your electrical system maintenance, then there is no time like now to give us a call or contact us through the form below. We look forward to getting started!

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